Arcon Ring

Arcon Ring, a leading industrial supplier of retaining rings, snap rings, wire snaps and spiral rings, worked with Briohn to design and construct a 42,000 SF production facility. Briohn worked with the owner and real estate broker to identify a site that met the owner’s logistical requirements. The chosen site came with less than desirable topographic conditions. Briohn created a plan that balanced cut and fill to maximize the buildable area. This project highlights Briohn’s ability to create an inspired project with a limited budget and deliver it on time. The building included:

  • An upscale, two-story office with large open spaces
  • High end wood flooring
  • Two-sided fireplace in conference room
  • Fireplace in reception area
  • Garage within the facility for the owner's personal car collection that is viewable from inside a second story office
  • Large production area demised to allow space for a second operating business within the building. 
Delafield, Wisconsin
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