GE Healthcare Cafeteria

Hard to believe but it has already been two months since the completion and opening of the newly renovated GE Healthcare Institute kitchen & servery.  I want you to know just how happy I am with the overall project management from the Briohn team.  This was the first time I have personally worked with Briohn and I can honestly say you delivered on all fronts.  It’s always great to work with a team that delivers on their commitments and I look forward to working with Briohn on future projects.  At the beginning of the project we established our project timelines, as we progressed through each phase I pressed the team to deliver even earlier and they did.  Nothing on the project was compromised and we delivered ahead of schedule and under budget.

As you know the Healthcare Institute is a very busy place on average serving 300-600 lunches.  This project was a multi-phased project and the team did an outstanding job in coordinating with both GE & Marriott staff so there was little to no operational disruptions for our guest and employee’s.  GE prides itself on its safety processes across all facets of our businesses ensuring that all projects meet the stringent OSHA VPP standards.  I really like Briohn’s approach to bringing in the outside safety firm and conducting proactive random safety checks.  Site safety is our top concern and this means that everyday all workers go home safely to their families, there is nothing more important than that.

Bob, it was a pleasure working with yourself and the entire Briohn team. Make sure you send my thanks to Cary, Jon and Jodi for their outstanding work on this project but also letting them know the positive feedback I receive weekly from our guest and employee’s on the newly renovated servery.

Best Regards;

Ed Leuck

Facilities & Security Manager