Ian's Pizza

I am the owner of Ian’s Pizza Milwaukee, which is the fourth location our company has opened (and the first in the Milwaukee area). We have worked with several contractors in the past and have had less than satisfactory experiences. When we decided to open the Milwaukee store we knew we needed to find a contractor who was unlike any of the contractors we had worked with previously. I am happy to say that Briohn Building Corporation not only met, but exceeded, all of our expectations and we will continue to use their company for future projects.

Briohn was a larger company than we were used to and we were hesitant because of the run-around and lack of personal attention we had experienced with bigger companies. We were pleasantly surprised to find that Briohn was very attentive throughout every step in the process. From the project managers to the general contractors, they were always timely with their responses to any questions or issues that arose. They were thorough and made sure all the paperwork and permits were handled so there was no time lost. In our situation this was especially crucial because our building had previously been a gas station, which meant even more requirements than usual.

Not only was Briohn’s communication outstanding, but we had to trust them to do their job without much oversight, and they excelled. We are based in Madison and couldn’t get to Milwaukee often. It was a relief to be able to meet at the jobsite once or twice a week and see that we were on schedule. However, it was never a surprise because they always kept us informed of what was happening via email and phone calls.

I also can’t say enough about each of the subcontractors Briohn hired for our job. Each met their deadlines and were equally as great to work with. Again, the level of communication between the subcontractors made any potential roadblocks nonexistent. The quality of all the work was top-notch and not rushed despite intense deadlines. Even when inspectors made some seemingly unreasonable requests, Briohn kept their cool and overcame all difficulties to allow us to open on time.

This brings me to the most undeniably impressive point: Briohn was able to meet our extremely tight deadline. Because of some banking difficulties we did not sign any official job contracts until late November and we needed a complete build-out finished by December 31st. I am pleased to say we got our final approval for opening on December 31st and we were able to open as planned. Even with the holiday season they were able to get the job done in less than a month.

Since the job has been completed Briohn has continued to help us with some additional improvements. Even as original plans got altered they stuck to their contract and honored their quoted price. Briohn has been patient with our company, demanding bankers, and landlords, and I cannot express enough gratitude or recommend them highly enough.


Thank you,

Lexy Frautschy
Ian’s Pizza Milwaukee