Multi-Fab Products, LLC

I’d like to take this opportunity to comment on the great job you and Briohn Building did in constructing our new building addition.  I chose Briohn for this project because of my faith in you to effectively manage the project from start to on-time finish, and you did not disappoint.  Every step of the project was handled effectively.  

While I was happy with the whole project, there were several aspects that truly delighted me.  Dominic evolved the architectural work through several iterations, and handled the permitting process with no pain from my end.  Right from the beginning you thought about – and figured out – how to manage the site so our employees never had to find an alternative place to park – no other contractor gave that consideration.  You did a great job of working with WE Energies to re-route the power lines at a cost that was less than half of expected.  Briohn’s team -- and the subs – were always professional and took great care in everything they did.  You did more than I expected in making sure construction didn’t interfere with ongoing operations which helped tremendously.  John (Superintendent) did a great job of orchestrating the job and keeping my staff informed.  He really worked well with my plant management team to minimize any disruption.  

Anyone can build a building, but what struck me the most was how well you and your team put together a solid building with top-notch materials, in a short timeframe, under lousy weather conditions, never letting weather be an obstacle or an excuse, essentially paving a parking lot right beneath our vehicles without causing disruption so you could keep the process moving, and putting up a building on our existing footprint without disrupting my operations.  There had to have been a lot of hand-wringing at your end but no one at this end was any the wiser because you and your team made it a point to deliver only solutions, never problems.  Personally, I thought that was a class act. 
When choosing Briohn, I evaluated several top-notch construction firms.  Your attention to detail, honesty about the construction process, taking ownership if any issues cropped up, guidance on which materials would hold up well for the long haul based on your experience, combined with realistic pricing – made me very confident in Briohn, and made the decision easy.  I would recommend Briohn Building to anyone, and would be glad to share my experience with any of your prospective clients.