National Technologies, Inc.

Associated Project: 

Now that our building project is coming to a close, I wanted to take time to thank you, Keith, Dominic, Nelson and all of the people at Briohn Building Corporation for such a pleasant and successful construction experience.

Going into our project, we honestly expected to deal with some of the same stress, cost issues and follow-up problems we had experienced with other builders.  None of it happened.  Your people were skilled, easy to work with and had a sense of urgency to finish our project and address any concerns we might have.

As a manufacturer of precision components, we don’t expect people outside our business to have the same attention to detail that defines our world.  Amazingly to us, your people do.  Your customer service was excellent, your follow-up thorough and the project stayed within budget.

Kudos to you, your people and to us for choosing you.  It was a rewarding experience.  We will do it again in the future.


Tom Harrington