Spectrum Investment Advisors

At Specturm, as an investment advisor, one of our goals is to provide a positive, memorable experience for our customers. Following that theme, our goal was to build a memorable prairie style office building in a great location in the heart of the Mequon community. We wanted a state of the art building that was “different” from our competitors. We tripled our office space for future growth to prepare for the next generation. Our new building is located on Mequon Road, which connects I-43 and        I-41/45 on the north side of Milwaukee. The President of the Mequon/Thiensville Chamber of Commerce described our building as the “Rolls Royce of buildings in Mequon”. We wanted to create a “wow” factor experience for our customers both inside and outside the building.

Briohn Building did not let us down.  You provided Spectrum a positive, memorable experience not only for my generation, but the next generation, including my son, Jonathan, as one of my partners in the business. Spectrum has seven shareholders, who are all employees of the firm. We couldn’t be more pleased with the delivery.

Mike Byrne’s target last summer, as project manager, was to turn the building over to us on June 15, 2012, which is exactly what his team did. We moved in on June 25, 2012, on time, with very few cost overruns. Our original groundbreaking was October 21, 2011, for our 12,500 square foot building.  Yesterday, Tom Bauer, the Briohn Building Project Superintendent for our Spectrum Investment Center, completed the last of the wrap-up details on our building.  Even though the building was turned over to us in June, Tom did not forget us and made sure the last of the details were completed. Tom was a pleasure to work with and kept the project going smoothly.

With the help of your highly talented architects, Jim Olson and Adam Anderson, we were able to add some unique features of our building, such as:

  • A 1600 square foot built-out attic
  • An “off the charts” 22’ x 44’ coffee house/kitchen for future seminars
  • Prairie style pillars, metal roof, 12’ ceilings
  • Patio off the kitchen, which can be shared with our tenant, the Mequon/Thiensville Chamber of Commerce

We didn’t add the expense of an interior designer, but rather designed it ourselves with a lot of help from Jim Olson and his team offering a lot of extra little ideas, which makes our interior very special. So special, that our building was one of 35 nominees for the 2012 WCREW SHOWCASE (Architectural) AWARD.

If Briohn Building has an edge, it has to be the wonderful subcontractors they selected. They all were very detailed and easy to work with. I described the masons on the project as not masons but “artists”, extremely detailed in their work.

Our #1 job while under construction was to keep moving our investment business forward and not lose our focus. In hindsight, selecting a design/build contractor in Brookfield made the building process easier, especially as we made “subtle” design changes along the way. We not only built a great building, but also had a record year in our business.

We couldn’t be more proud of this marvelous facility. We love it here! We would welcome any opportunity to provide a tour of our new building to any future customers considering Briohn Building.


James F. Marshall